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                  카지노 신규 가입 쿠폰

                  JCM-faceCurrently: Leading EMEA content strategy and production for a content marketing division of WPP, covering everything from financial and professional services through pharmaceuticals and FMCG

                  Previously: Leading multi-market editorial planning, production and distribution for Microsoft’s MSN International and apps, running a team that drives >1.5 billion monthly pageviews across 55 markets in 27 languages across news, entertainment, lifestyle, sport, travel, tech, finance, and major events

                  Before that: Winner, European Parliament Prize for Journalism (as Nosemonkey); editor at BBC Worldwide, AOL UK, Gibson Square Books, Archant Specialist and more; writer for the Times Literary Supplement, Virgin Books and more; social media strategist / information architect / web project manager at various

                  Available for: Speaking engagements, freelance writing, interesting discussions